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So well, my head is a fucking chaos right now. I think I have some sort of survival instinct, cause whenever my head goes crazy on me, all I can think about is inspiration and more inspiration. Like, I want a tiger in my closet and a woman in my bed and all the stuff I just bougt from ebay. Therefor, a god awful messy post with loads of weird inspiration, some ebay stuff i purchased, and som pictures from my weekend here in Kristiansand. I update my instagram and tumblr all the time, so check it out. In other news, we´re having candy for dinner, and we got absolutley fucked up last night. Our train is leaving somewhat early tomorrow, and I look forward to come home. I hate my head when it is like this !



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17.03.2013 kl.19:40

Heisan! Vi holder på med en marked undersøkelse om hva bloggere synes om rosablogging. Alle som deltar vil få en premie; nemlig en gratis kinobillett! Meld deg på nå!

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