I have practically nothing to show you guys these days. I have been diagnosed with ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) , and sleep all the fucking time. And, when I don´t sleep I have to get some school- and workstuff done. You can however stalk my tumblr when I don´t update you here - I post alot of nudity, Game of Thrones and other beautiful inspiration. Anyways; I got alot of money for my birthday with the label "buy yourself something nice" , and so I did. All this is mine now, or will be when it all arrives. I´ll look so god damn awsome !

Carhartt beanie / ebay   Sunnies Chain / nelly   Fuck Chanel Sweater / Grave Slave  
Striped and Galaxy tights / ebay   Sneakers / nelly   Sunnies / Rayban

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