- 12.04.2014 -

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My wonderful mom gave me these beauties for my birthday ♥

Rose Gold heart bracelet (here) & necklace (here) from Bjørg Jewelry

BJØRG ANATOMIC HEART , new in - © ingwild.com

- 16.02.2014 -

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And I´m ready for Africa ! I´m also queen of last minute packing, but it always seems to work out one way or the other. First stop, my moms, than on monday: THE GAMBIA ♥ 

NOLITA MALVA DRESS , new in - © ingwild.com

- 14.02.2014 -

MY LITTLE VALENTINE , new in - © ingwild.com

- 05.02.2014 -

as always, I went for the most colorful

NIKE FREE RUN , new in - © ingwild.com

- 22.01.2014 -

WILDFOX SUMMER LAKE TANK , new in - © ingwild.com

- 04.01.2014 -

CHRISTMAS GIFTS , new in - © ingwild.com

- 26.10.2013 -

new purchases from m.a.c. Growing beautiful, or something.

M A C , new in - © ingwild.com

- 22.10.2013 -

I purchased everything on ebay

GO COLORFULL , new in - © ingwild.com

- 19.10.2013 -

 Every girl needs a pair of classical boots. I apperantly need three. Ah, boot love. 

BOOT LOVE , new in - © ingwild.com

- 28.09.2013 -

I must admit that it feels a little too good to buy stuff for myself again. Good God, isn´t she beautiful ?!


NATASHA CLASSIC Q , new in - © ingwild.com

- 19.09.2013 -

Now you can just arrive, dear autumn.

CANADA LIGHT CAMEL , new in - © ingwild.com

- 16.09.2013 -

Hello again, big world. Our internet has not yet arrived, and the wedding photos is still being photoshoped, so I don´t have much to show you yet. I will however update you more thural before I leave for my honeymoon, both with pictures and description of the big day. Stay tuned ! I got this wallet from one of my bridesmaids, and yes, I do love it with all my fashion-related heart.

MY NEW WALLET , new in - © ingwild.com

- 03.08.2013 -

After being a real working class hero these last couple of weeks, I finally could afford a new camera house. Is she a beauty or what ?! My God, I´m happy right now. So, from now on, this is the camera I´ll be using for my photography. I´ll update my "photo" category asap too. 

MY NEW BABY , new in - © ingwild.com

- 01.08.2013 -

My sister is finally home, and had gifts with her. She knows me well. And also - goodbye sucking pictures, cause my camera is back !

GIFTS FROM AUSTRALIA , new in - © ingwild.com

- 15.07.2013 -

EBAY STOLE MY MONEY , new in - © ingwild.com

- 11.07.2013 -

SPAIN 5 , new in - © ingwild.com

- 09.07.2013 -

NEW SUMMER STUFF , new in - © ingwild.com

- 07.07.2013 -

Ready for the Asian sun

NEW SUNNIES , new in - © ingwild.com

- 24.06.2013 -

The last piece of shopping before Spain tomorrow is done;
loads of precious jewlery to go with long summer dresses into long summer nights.
I can´t wait ! 

LAST FINISH , new in - © ingwild.com

- 22.06.2013 -

The new collection of Acne scarves finally arrived, and as they get sold out quickly as hell I just had to get one. I already have one in burgundy, and I love the lambswoll - it is god damn warm, and it doesn´t itch at all. Now I almost look forward to winter, how sick is that?! I bought it at Studio G12 where my dear friend Wanda works. 

ANOTHER ACNE , new in - © ingwild.com

- 20.06.2013 -

My fourth pair of Jeffrey Campbells. Gosh, I love that brand ! I´ve been wanting these murder weapons forever, and finally I went for it. "Watch it, lady!" haha, how suitable !

J.C. SHADOW STUD , new in - © ingwild.com

- 18.06.2013 -

I helgen har det som de fleste østlendinger vet byfest i Lillestrøm. Jeg tok ikke helt av som mange rølpere, ikke kjøpte jeg så mye rusk i bodene heller. Men, tross rølp, slitsomme selgere og alt for mange mennesker generelt er det en slags sjarm ved byfesten; alle merkelige huleboere i byen kommer ut én gang i året, og jeg blir fylt med en slags markedsfølelse. Sjarm. Jeg kjøpte nå i allefall disse fantastiske øredobbene og en søt liten drømmefanger til å sette på vesker også videre. Ingen hemmelighet; jeg elsker både ugler og drømmefangere, både som tattoveringer og annet strass. De som sier penger ikke kan kjøpe lykke, vet åpenbart ikke hvor man handler. 

// This weekend there was a kind of market in our town. Everyone drinks way too much, the sellers are unbelievable irritating, and there are too many people there all weekend. Even so, I think it´s kind of sharming. I bought these pretty owl earrings and a new little dreamcatcher to put on purses and such. Everyone knows I love owls and dreamcatcher, hah. And those who claim money can´t buy happiness, obviously doesn´t know where to shop. 

MARKET SHOPPING , new in - © ingwild.com

- 17.06.2013 -

Skoleåret er vel gjennomført med 5,6 i snitt, så jeg kjøpte meg selv sommergaver. Klapp på skulderen, Ingvild !
Med dette i boks, er jeg klar for alle feriene jeg skal på i sommer ! Militærjakken og Jeffrey Campbellsene er fra Nelly -  frynsevesken og passcoveret er fra ebay.
Jeg selger forresten den gamle militærjakken min fra BikBok, se den på salgsiden min her.

// I finished my second year with really good grades, and so I bought myself summer gifts. With this new stuff, I´m ready for vacation.
Army jacket and JCshoes from nelly, and the purse and passport cover is from ebay. 

READY FOR VACATION , new in - © ingwild.com

- 14.06.2013 -

MY LATEST PURCHASE FROM MAC , new in - © ingwild.com

- 13.06.2013 -

In this little cutie, I´m ready for a summer in oversized tops.

UNDERWEAR IS AN ACCESSORIE , new in - © ingwild.com

- 10.06.2013 -

TIME FOR REPAIR , new in - © ingwild.com

- 02.06.2013 -

The plan is to move out sometime around the wedding. And with a new and bigger place, we need stuff.
We bought quite much actually, but my favorite was what has to be the worlds most beautiful ashtray.
Some other treasures is represented here as well. 

SECONDHAND SHOPPING 2 , new in - © ingwild.com

- 02.06.2013 -

Sorry for some poor update lately. Writing exame on friday, working on the local fleamarket all weekend, and then another exame next week. Gosh. Overload. But at least I found something pretty awesome while working there ! An authentic Gucci (!) , and a Lacoste, three beautiful cashmere scarves, vintage dresses, Nine West wedges, you name it. I do love secondhand shopping !

SECONDHAND SHOPPING , new in - © ingwild.com

- 22.05.2013 -

Toms - the worlds most generous shoes
About a week ago, I bought my very first pair of Toms shoes. 
For those of you who don´t know it, Toms shoes has an agreement where for each pair of shoes you purchase,
Toms give away a pair to children from Argentina and South Africa, who can´t afford shoes for themselves.
The deal is, you pay a little more, because actually you buy two pairs !
So, I got a pair of super chill loafers for the summer and even better - a child in need got a pair too.
"One for One" 

MY FIRST PAIR OF TOMS , new in - © ingwild.com

- 06.05.2013 -

Finally bought these super awesome sunnies from Ray Ban ! Their in the Round Metal or "Lennon" collection, and I bought the very last pair of these,
which Ray Ban no longer sell. Makes me happy to think that not everyone owns the same pair as me, haha !
Anyway, I bought them for some of my remaining birthday money, and I could not be more satisfyed. Thanks grandma !

NEW SUNNIES , new in - © ingwild.com

- 18.04.2013 -

AS ALWAYS I TOOK IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL , new in - © ingwild.com

- 11.04.2013 -

I have practically nothing to show you guys these days. I have been diagnosed with ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) , and sleep all the fucking time. And, when I don´t sleep I have to get some school- and workstuff done. You can however stalk my tumblr when I don´t update you here - I post alot of nudity, Game of Thrones and other beautiful inspiration. Anyways; I got alot of money for my birthday with the label "buy yourself something nice" , and so I did. All this is mine now, or will be when it all arrives. I´ll look so god damn awsome !

Carhartt beanie / ebay   Sunnies Chain / nelly   Fuck Chanel Sweater / Grave Slave  
Striped and Galaxy tights / ebay   Sneakers / nelly   Sunnies / Rayban

HOW I DO SPORTY , new in - © ingwild.com

- 06.04.2013 -

My little sister gave me pure cuteness for my birthday.

FjÄLLRÄVEN KÅNKEN , new in - © ingwild.com

- 04.04.2013 -

BIRTHDAY GIFT WITH MARC JACOBS ON IT , new in - © ingwild.com

- 29.03.2013 -

NEW BOOTS , new in - © ingwild.com

- 27.03.2013 -

BIKBOK: black dress, blue skirt, tights, three knits, tights
REDBIRD: america crop top
GINA TRICOT: metallic skirt, turtle neck

NEW IN MY WARDROBE , new in - © ingwild.com

- 22.03.2013 -

I nailed my school assignment, and bought this as a gift for my self. 50% off at BikBok.

70´s DENIM JACKET , new in - © ingwild.com

- 14.03.2013 -



GO HOME CHANEL, YOU´RE DRUNK , new in - © ingwild.com

- 09.03.2013 -

My stephmother made me this super warm and cosy, awesome sweater. Yeah, I love it.

HOMEMADE SWEATER , new in - © ingwild.com

- 06.03.2013 -

GOD, I LOVE EBAY , new in - © ingwild.com

- 04.03.2013 -

WOODSTOCK VIBES , new in - © ingwild.com

- 02.03.2013 -

 A long time ago I decided that I had to have this little beauty for my macbook. And so, I finally went for it. Gosh !

MARC JACOBS CASE , new in - © ingwild.com

- 26.02.2013 -

Some stuff I got myself the other day.
A new lunchbox, an earcuff, two jackets to wear with my tiny dresses and
some stuff from ebay that I´ll show you later. Yep, I´m satisfyed. 

2 6 0 2 2 0 1 3 , new in - © ingwild.com

- 14.02.2013 -

After opening his gift, William suprised me with these new beauties from Aldo. Oh my gosh, I love them nearly as much as the man himself ! As we speak, I´m preparing my face and body for St. Valentine. In a few hours I´m leaving for a late dinner with my fiancé. I can´t help but feel extra lucky today - even though I hate all the facebook spam and gift shopping hell due to this and every other public holidays. Ah well, I am truly greatfull to have such an amazing man to share this day and every other day with !
By the way, you can see what I bought my man here. 


ALDO LEOPARD , new in - © ingwild.com

- 06.02.2013 -

No suprise i suppose, but I don´t have alot of sneakers. I hate them, it does not combine well with anything, and it looks ... weird. Until these beauties came along. I can still not believe that I actually found retro looking sneakers, of all things. Air Max 90 in this color is absolutely stunning, right? And even better, I know no one that wears something even remotely similar. For now, anyways...

NIKE AIR MAX 90 , new in - © ingwild.com

- 02.02.2013 -

 Jeg kan ikke si nok ganger hvor fornøyd jeg er med skolen min, administrasjonen og lærerene mine. Jeg har gjort masse hjemmearbeid, og endte med et snitt jeg kan skryte av.
Når karakterkortet mitt kom gratulerte jeg meg selv med to skjønnheter fra nelly. Jeg synes det er helt greit å være stolt av seg selv i blandt !
// I did good this semester, and rewarded myself with a couple of shoes from nelly.com. It´s important to be proud of yourself.

I PROMISED TO BE A GOOD GIRL AT SCHOOL , new in - © ingwild.com

- 22.01.2013 -

MY NEW CASIO , new in - © ingwild.com

- 19.01.2013 -

// Got an early birthday present from my mom today ; this little baby !
It is an all around objective for my Canon, perfect for travel- and typical everyday photographing. I am so happy right now !
I´ve also updated my "camera" post, click here to see it.  

NEW IN , new in - © ingwild.com

- 19.01.2013 -

For those of you who know my fiancé, this may not come as a big suprise : He ordered this little piece for me! Since my motto on style is "always be fierce" , this sweater suits me quite well - and since my fiancé is as hung up on Star Wars as I am on HP, I just can not fail in this baby! I´ll show you guys more Star Wars, fierceness (if that is in fact a word) and thoughts on personal style tomorrow.

BE FIERCE 1 , new in - © ingwild.com

- 16.01.2013 -



// Another reason for my fiancé to have a heart attack. Ah, well : I feel gorgeous in my new Jeffrey Campbells.
In other news, I love how many nice comments I have gotten from you guys lately ! Warms my heart (wich apparently isn´t there)
Also, I worked out both a new header for my blog and a new design on my tumblr profile.

NIGHT SPIKE , new in - © ingwild.com

- 13.01.2013 -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bought these platforms a couple of weeks ago. Thought my fiancé was going to have a heart attack, but you know - whatever floats your boat.
I for once think they are absolutely 
fabolous. Rebecca Stella, you did good !

REBECCA STELLA FOR NELLY , new in - © ingwild.com

- 10.01.2013 -

THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING , new in - © ingwild.com

- 03.01.2013 -

Finally this baby is mine.

REDBIRD TEDDY COAT , new in - © ingwild.com

- 30.12.2012 -

Three days straight on a shopping mal must be a new record, even for me. I have spent a suprisingly little amount of money on the christmas sale, and gotten quite a few things I am in love with these days. Pictures are showing what I last got my fingers on; a new orange mac lipstick, two bowler hats, an oversized woolen knit and an all over Ingvild dress. I´ve been looking for a bowler hat for months, and now I payed next to nothing for two. My man was a little worried when I got home with an orange lipstick, but he had to admit that it wasn´t "all that bad" .

NEW IN , new in - © ingwild.com

- 28.12.2012 -

Åh, dere - jeg fikk så mye fantastisk fint til jul ! Jeg kan ikke si nok ganger hvor takknemlig jeg er, alle er så snille mot meg. På bildene over ser dere en god blanding av ting jeg fikk og ting jeg har kjøpt for julepenger og gavekort (noe som er minst like fint å få). Jeg fikk blandt annet Aldoskoene, ny vinterjakke og extensions av den snille mannen min, mummikopper av lillesøster, fetteren min og Eline (samt Mymlen og Hemulen som jeg allerede har vist dere) og masse annet stæsj som var midt i blinken. Jeg er så fornøyd ! Nyttårskjolen er også i hus - og enda har jeg gavekort igjen. Herre jemini, eller noe.
// As I said, I got all these beautiful things for Christmas. I can´t tell you how greatful I am to have friends and family so thoughtful. Over, you can see stuff I got and stuff I bought for gift cards etc, and as you can see my new years dress is new in too. Aldo shoes, moomin mugs, chanel mirror and even more - and still I have gift cards left, just waiting to be spent on stuff I adore. God, it is good to be me. 

ALL I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS , new in - © ingwild.com

- 09.12.2012 -

Dear wallet, please forgive me. I could not resist anymore.
And now, theres a party on my nails, thank you very much.

A PARTY ON MY NAILS , new in - © ingwild.com

- 07.11.2012 -

I had completly forgot about these beauties before they turned up in my mailbox yesterday. 
Some girl bought the wrong size, and bam - they were mine forever.


- 03.11.2012 -

AN AFFAIR DISGUISED IN LACQUER , new in - © ingwild.com

- 18.10.2012 -

Jeg har som nevnt ikke hatt det så flott i det siste, så mannen min bestemte seg for å ta meg med ut på en liten date, en blåmandag i oktober. Lønning betyr shopping, og Willy kjøpte seg utrolig mye kult ! Etterpå dro vi og drakk smoothies, og pratet om alt fra det overtroiske til definisjonen av lykke og annet kliss. Jeg koste meg skikkelig! Og ikke nok med dét , jeg fikk en aldri så liten gave og - kjærlighetskoppen. "Det var jo spontant, er ikke det litt romantisk a?" Sniff fikk jeg forresten av pappa for en ukes tid siden, det óg var veldig fint. Jeg håper ting ordner seg snart på mange plan, jeg vil liksom smile hele tiden, ikke bare når jeg drikker smoothies med en kjekk kar. 

//  As I mentioned, me and my fiancè went out a couple of days ago. Things haven't been perfect with me lately so we figured we would to something nice together. Smoothies, loads of money well spent, and another moomin mug (the love mug) later, I actually felt a little better. I hope things patches up a bit. I want to smile again.

SOME SUPERFICIAL HAPPINESS , new in - © ingwild.com

- 14.10.2012 -

 Etter å ha jobbet hele helgen på det halvårlige loppemarkedet er jeg utmattet både fysisk og psykisk. Fordelen med å tilbringe nesten tyve timer på et loppemarked, er at du finner alle de flotte  skattene ikke andre ser. Jeg fikk kjøpt både tusen-kroners-dressjakker til William for en hundrelapp og en noen lykkemomenter til meg selv. Mannen min sier bestandig at jeg er en gammel dame i en ung kropp, og det viser seg mer og mer å være fakta. Hundetannsmønster, perler, vintage skreddersydde pumps fra London - kan man annet enn å forelske seg ? Så overflasisk, og så smertelig sant. 

// I'm absolutley exausted from working at the local fleamarket all weekend. I've spent almost twenty hours there, and found all the old beautiful treasures to be found. I bought two balzers for my fiancé, and a lot of happiness for myself. My fiancé always says that I'm an old woman trapped in a young body, and I'm starting to understand what he's talking about. Pearls, old amazing patterns, vintage custome made shoes from London - you gotta love it.

OLD TREASURES , new in - © ingwild.com

- 09.09.2012 -

AND ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST : Jepp, enda en mummikopp - mummimamma denne gangen, den fjerde i samlingen. Og det kommer enda flere i posten snart ! O lykke. Ellers har jeg meldt meg som blodgiver, offisiell organdonor og en slags fadder for de minste i korpset. Gode gjerninger lønner seg alltid vet du ! Fucking saint, right?

0 9 0 9 2 0 1 2 , new in - © ingwild.com

- 23.08.2012 -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
LITA TAN SUEDE : Jepp, skoene jeg ikke hadde råd til. Er de ikke fantastiske?! Mamma var en saint og kjøpte en veeeeldig tidlig julegave til meg, høhø. O Lykke.

MY NEW BEAUTIES , new in - © ingwild.com

- 30.07.2012 -

Litt trøsteshopping i dag. Ingen notatbok, som var det opprinnlige målet. Typisk. Kokosmilkshake med Jelly, det var fantastisk fint. Nesten perfekt.
Lillesøsters kommentar til nyhetene: Oi, nå så du jo nesten normal ut ! 
Fy fela så lite spennende. Vel, i morgen er det ut etter ny pc og dermed CS igjen ! Yeeey. Pixlr for the win. Æsj.
1: Strikkegenser fra Vero Moda, Jeans fra BikBok.
2: Bukse fra BikBok, bukseseler fra H&M.

3 0 0 7 2 0 1 2 , new in - © ingwild.com

- 22.07.2012 -

Etter to uker på farten har postkassen fylt seg betraktelig, og disse søtsakene ventet på meg. Jeg hadde nesten glemt at jeg hadde bestilt noe, så det ble en liten mini-julaften på meg i morges. I tillegg var vi på et aldri så lite besøk hos Eline og Kriss, og fikk to flotte tekopper og Chai-te fra Danmark. Det kan man like ! Det jeg kanskje ikke liker fullt så godt er at i morgen skal jeg søren pokker meg ut å farte igjen - denne gangen til Viken Folkehøyskole på spillekurs. Jeg melder meg jo på hvert eneste år så gøy er det åpenbart, men det ble veldig mye på én gang. Men, det blir sikkert bra bare jeg kommer dit. Det er dessverre ikke internettmuligheter der, så vi snakkes når jeg kommer hjem igjen om en uke. Ha en fortsatt fin ferie !

FRA EBAY OG SÅNT , new in - © ingwild.com

- 05.06.2012 -

Bertie Bott's Every Flavoure Beans - Chocolate Frogs - Gryffindor coffee cup
From my dear uncle, bought in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER , new in - © ingwild.com

- 03.06.2012 -

Etter en helg med det folket kaller dugnad og jeg kaller barnearbeid har jeg pådratt meg både omgangssyke og ørebetennelse. Men i tillegg til disse festelighetene har jeg også dratt med meg hjem noen skatter ! Blandt annet et nytt kamera til samlingen min, enda en denim-jakke, en ny ransel og ikke minst en Levis 501 shorts ! Latterlig fint og latterlig billig. I tillegg har jeg skaffet en ola-jakke og en islandsgenser til min elskede nevø så han virkelig får ligne på tanten sin. Mehe. Ellers kan jeg jo fortelle at bortsett fra oppkast og barnearbeid og gjerrige mennesker som skal prute alt ned til fem kroner og sånt har helgen vært flott. Kjente mennesker, små og store oppgaver, bare den hyggen av å være på loppemarked. 

GAMLE SKATTER , new in - © ingwild.com

- 13.04.2012 -

Er nesten så jeg kvier meg for å si hvor jeg har kjøpt disse . Enkelte mennesker har tydeligvis så liten selvtillit og egenhet at de må følge, kopiere og kjøpe alt likt som en, og det blir rett og slett for tragisk. Jeg er visst den eneste som synes man er ferdig med "herming" i femte-sjette klasse, og når det blir fire-fem klin like mennesker som meg vet jeg ikke helt om jeg skal le eller grine . Inspirert? Kult. Kopiert? Nei. Bare ... Slutt. Men fuck it : de er kjøpt på brandos.com . Løp og kjøp ! Også må jeg få legge til at jeg elsker blink-sko . Det er så mye sært ! Og i min ordbok er sært og tøft synonymer . Er nok ikke det siste paret mitt, nei !

FLOWER POWER , new in - © ingwild.com

- 02.04.2012 -

Fine bursdagskort slår aldri feil!

Av Mini fikk jeg dette herlige lerrettet.
"bare en tante kan elske som en mamma, holde hemmeligheter som en søster, være som en venn og elske dem som sine egne"

Eline og Kriss ga meg både en fantastisk tekopp og en teboks fylt med namnamte !

Av min fineste Maren fikk jeg denne blusen og en champagneflaske.

Thea og Thea ga meg en sykelig god løs-te, og et krus til å nyte den av .

William og Camilla slo på stortrommen og kjøpte mine to favorittkarakterer fra Mummidalen .

I tillegg fikk jeg vin (den ene flasken rakk jeg ikke å ta bilde av før den var tom, gitt) og en god del penger. 

/ My birthdayparty was a lot of fun - and presants. Here's what I got from my friends.

EN TITT PÅ GAVENE , new in - © ingwild.com

- 16.03.2012 -

NEW SHOES , new in - © ingwild.com

- 08.02.2012 -

Denne kom i posten i går . Som jeg gleder meg til å lese den ! Jeg har lest og hørt så mye bra om den at jeg maste meg til å få bestilt den så fort som mulig . Og i går kom den endelig . Tok ikke lang tid fra bestilling til ankomst da, men dere vet vel hvordan det er å gå å vente på noe. Dette tror jeg er en skikkelig jentebok, men det kan jeg ha litt godt av tror jeg .

Tenkte å begynne så smått på den nå, men snart må jeg komme meg ut av joggedressen for jeg skal på kaffedate med Maren før trafikalt i dag . Føler jeg har det litt travelt om dagen, men Maren må få plass på timeplanen ! Gleder meg til å sitte å skravle igjen . Min beste venn ♥

TRANSLATION : This came in the mail yesterday. I've only been waiting for a couple of days, but it feels like ages - you know how it is . I can't wait to start reading ! Later I'm meeting up with my very best friend for some coffee and girltalk.

A YEAR IN HIGH HEELS , new in - © ingwild.com

- 19.01.2012 -

Mine nye sko fra nelly.com . Lykke !

NIA SHOES , new in - © ingwild.com