januar 2015


I attended the christening of my best friends baby girl a couple of weeks ago, and as a present I was the photographer.


Back in 2012 i spent two wonderful weeks in beautiful France at my aunt´s and uncle´s. I thought to myself that the view from the villa in Vance would be absolutely stunning at sunrise. So, I rose at five o´clock, made coffee, brought my camera outside and waited. And oh my, was it worth it. When I got home my former computer crashed, and for some reason I forgot about these photos. Until now.


Har du sett noe så vakkert ?! Jeg er helt forelsket i de nye klørne mine. Flotte Martine har nettopp startet oppBeauty Obsession, et skjønnhetskonsept med fokus på akrylnegler, vippe- og hairextensions. Der får man velge akkurat hva man ønsker for en nesten latterlig billig penge - og resultatet er knall. Jeg har offisielt funnet min reddende engel når det gjelder de småoverfladiske behovene mi...


Another christmas gift I made was a 2015 calendar, this one for my sister. It contains birthdays, fun facts, cultural things, international days of celebration, words of motivation, facts about each month, and more. Every page is designed to fit her wants and needs, and even though I was pretty fed up with the project after a couple of weeks, the smile on her face on Christmas eve made it worth...


While 2014 drew it´s last gasps of breath I stood there, gazing up at the beautiful sky and all it´s colors, as stunned as ever.When 2015 took it´s first baby steps, my man grabbed me, kissed me and told me what to expect of the wonderful year to come.And so, I stood there, drunk on Cava and love.Hopeful.I got a lot of calls, messages and confirmation of people caring.We drank more happy bubble...